Tongue Tie release

Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is a condition in which the thin piece of skin under the baby’s tongue (the lingual frenulum) is abnormally short and may restrict the movement of the tongue.

Signs of a tongue-tie can include:

  • A thin or thick piece of skin that can be seen under the tongue
  • Not being able to poke the tongue out past the lips when the mouth is open
  • Not being able to lift the tongue up towards the roof of the mouth
  • Having trouble moving the tongue side to side
  • A ‘V shape’ or ‘heart shape’ tongue tip
  • A flattened or square tongue tip

A tongue-tie can also affect feeding with symptoms including difficulty latching, pain when feeding, decreased milk supply, baby tiring quickly while feeding and poor weight gain.

The first step if you are concerned your baby may have a tongue tie is a consultation with the doctor to assess your baby and discuss your concerns.

While many babies require no intervention, some may benefit from a frenotomy – a small procedure in which the piece of skin restricting the movement of the tongue is cut by the doctor.

A tongue tie release can be performed at Redlands General Practice by Dr Craig McCombe if this is required after your assessment.

To discuss your concerns and book an assessment with Dr McCombe please call 3086 0047


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